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Medical Nutrition, Weight Management, and Behavior Change.

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Who we are.

MM Nutrition & Wellness is a concierge medical nutrition and wellness practice, specializing in weight management, behavior change, and individual wellness.

Understanding the intricacies and vulnerability of long term change, we emphasize process over pounds, supporting and empowering our patients as they work to cultivate meaningful, person-centered change in their daily lives.

What we do & how we do it.

Any behavior change requires knowledge of where we’re going and how to get there; any behavior change that we want to last will require ongoing support.

We provide all of the above through our signature Weight Management and Patient Led Change programs, as well as our nutrition counseling and consulting services.

Unlike large national programs or gym-based nutrition services, we never use nutrition coaches or uncredentialed professionals.

All MM patients receive personal, ongoing access to a certified clinical nutritionist and weight management specialist, ensuring accuracy and efficacy. Patients in our signature programs receive daily txt access and educational tools to empower and support behavior change.

signature programs.

Have you ever begun a process of behavior change, only to lose steam and fall back into old patterns? If so, you’re keenly aware of the fact that creating and sustaining lasting change is a difficult undertaking.

Our signature Weight Management and Patient Led Change programs reflect the importance and value of long term support, providing an extended care model that helps to guide and sustain patients through the process of change.

Patients enrolled in our signature programs receive daily txt access to their provider for ongoing support and accountability, including three scheduled txt check ins each week.

Patients in our Weight Management program receive specialized anti inflammatory meal plans to optimize the process of weight management, preserving lean mass and enhancing metabolic health.

Patients enrolled in our Patient Led Change program receive a more flexible care plan, addressing specific behavioral changes, rather than addressing diet as a whole.

counseling & consulting.

For patients still working to process feelings towards prospective change, our Nutrition Counseling program offers private, personal therapeutic services.

Available in person or telephonically, patients are provided with a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings around behavior change.

For patients working through a fear of change or working to process deeper issues of body image, self acceptance, and self compassion, nutrition counseling can serve as a foundation for deeper self knowing and embodiment.

Unlike our signature programs, which occur over an extended duration, nutrition counseling may involve a single appointment or multiple appointments.

let’s help you meet you, well.

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If you have any questions about services or want to learn more about how we can partner with you in your journey, don’t be a stranger. We’d love to help you meet you, well.

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