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If you’re here, it’s probably because you have a few questions, like “What is MM Nutrition?”

MM Nutrition is a fully licensed provider of Medical Nutrition Services, serving patients in the Puget Sound Area and beyond.

Specializing in Weight Management, we pride ourselves in providing complex case management, helping reduce the barriers standing between the patient and their path to wellness.

More than just meal plans.

We provide services that span the breadth of nutrition care: from ongoing daily support to meal prep and health education, we help fill in gaps in knowledge, time, and energy, helping patients address the obstacles that come together to make wellness and weight management a difficult undertaking.

While we provide standalone consultations as well as group education, nutrition labeling, and other nutrition services, the majority of our patients receive care through one of our three signature treatment programs.

Signature Programs

Weight Management

from $220 a month

Patient Led Change

from $220 a month

pop! Prep Only Services

from $220 a month

Weight Management

The weight management program is our signature program, designed to provide a high degree of structure and healthy weight loss. The weight management program provides patients with a meal plan, daily txt support and accountability, and ongoing emotional education utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

The weight management program is a good fit for those desiring support and accountability in their process of weight management, and those who benefit from a structured, specific plan of action.

Weight Management programming supports achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Patient Led Change

Like the weight management program, the patient led change program provides ongoing support and accountability and emotional education.

However, unlike the weight management program, the patient led change program does not include a traditional meal plan provided by MM Nutrition.

Instead, patients select their desired goals or dietary regimen (within reason and with consideration for physical and mental health and safety) while utilizing the ongoing support and accountability of the weight management program.

Patient Led Change programming designs the lifestyle you crave.


Unlike our weight management and patient led change programs, the pop! Program does not provide ongoing emotional support or accountability.

Patients enrolled in pop! Programming receive meal prep support through the provision of weekly prepared meals, reducing the time and energy required to make healthy choices in the midst of a busy schedule.

pop! Patients pay a monthly fee of $220, plus the weekly cost of food, which varies depending on the number of meals and type of meal selected. Patients select their meals from a menu of 8-15 options weekly.

Our menu rotates weekly, keeping things fresh and ensuring that patients have the opportunity to try new things, explore new flavors, and discover new favorites.

Our pop! program fills in the gaps in a busy lifestyle

Need something else?

We also provide hourly consultations, group education, and a variety of other services to help meet your needs. Don't hesitate to be in contact to let us know how we can best help serve you.

Let’s come up with a plan to get you feeling better!

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In the words of patients

“I really like the mental and emotional work of looking inward, sitting with my emotions and feelings and acknowledging them.

That process has been very enlightening and has changed how I view a lot of my old habits of eating and drinking.

It is ok if change is scary at the beginning, but it doesn't have to stay scary.

It can be incredibly empowering to work through that change process mentally and physically and come out the other end stronger and more in touch with your true self.”

-Elizabeth Scott

In the words of patients

“I knew that I needed this change, but I didn’t know how badly.

The thing that I have found to be the most helpful by far- that none of my other programs helped with- is addressing the emotional connection that I had with food.

Change can be scary, but if you’re not in a good place with your health, I think the premise of staying the same is even more so.

Each day, the choices we make impact how we think, feel, and live. The choices reverberate further down the road in a way that can be impactful and life giving.”

-Michon Hebert

In the words of patients

“Before coming to MM Nutrition, I felt like I had tried everything. You name it, I had tried it and failed. I finally accepted that this was not a journey that I could take on by myself.

During my time with MM, I have learned to embrace and use times of change as opportunities to grow and learn. This process hasn’t been easy, but it’s been so worth it.

Waking up tired, overwhelmed and exhausted for years was hard.

Waking up and making positive choices throughout the day when it comes to my nutrition and fitness is also hard, but we all have the opportunity to choose which type of hard work that we want in our lives.

This process has helped me embrace the hard and realize that change isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it.”

-Haley Arneberg